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For some reason (he doesn’t at all like Mayhem and wants to bury him when he can), Dana White has been telling all the media, and anyone that will listen, that last Saturday’s bout between Jason Mayhem Miller and Michael Bisping was the most one-sided fight in UFC history.

C’mon, son. Mayhem looked pretty bad but the dude won the 1st round, then gassed and subsequently was beat down (IRONY(!)).

There is a looooooong list of UFC bouts that were more one-sided than this. Remarks as such display Dana’s propensity to bury outside talent and hide distant memories. (Side note: Remember when Paulo Thiago KO’d Josh Koscheck?)

Fights like Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin, BJ Penn Vs. Joe Stevenson, GSP Vs. Dan Hardy, Frank Mir Vs. Big Nog, John Hathaway Vs. Diego Sanchez, Chuck Liddell Vs. Babalu, Rich Franklin Vs. Nate Quarry, and all seven fights Royce Gracie had at UFC’s 1 & 2 rank high above the *Bisping-Mayhem Incident*

For what it’s worth, this is the bout that gets my nod for the most one-sided bout in the Octagon’s history: