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"Here Llyod, this helps!"

It’s been confirmed (by MMAJunkie, so it’s legit) that Carlos Condit had to withdraw from his guarenteed Best. Fight. Ever with Chris Lytle at UFC 127. This isn’t the first time these two were set to tango and one was forced to pull-out due to injury, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

One has to think that this fight is the ‘Chinese Democracy’ of mixed martial arts. It’s so greatly desired but, more than likely, is destined to be on-again/off-again for the next ten years. Then, when it does happen, we will all buy it because we *have to* but ultimately will be left with an empty vibe. Just ambivalent, really. We all knew it wasn’t going to live up to our expectations, but we wanted something a little more.

To say we were “excited” for this fight would be like describing Jeff Hardy as “fairly pitiful.” We’re still happy that in two weeks we will be seeing a Chris Lytle fight (‘Lights Out’ will now take on last-minute-replacement, Brian Ebersole), but we can’t help but be really, really bummed.

In an effort to lift spirits we’ve left a video of, among other amazing things, Chris Lytle tee’n off on a one-legged Matt Serra below.