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On Saturday night, Anderson Silva made us all question our initial thoughts on his greatness by taking it to an exponentially higher, previous thought to have been unobtainable,  level. A front thrust kick to the face of Vitor Belfort is what brought the middleweight title fight to a halt, and also forced Joe Rogan to lose every one of his marbles. “Kick to the face!!!”

With a finish that no one anywhere ever could have foreseen, ‘The Spider’ cemented his unquestionable spot as the number one fighter in this world.

This brings us to the latest installment of The MMA Happy Hour’s What We Learned game!

What we knew: Miguel Torres needed a win to have title contention hopes

What we learned: Miguel Torres now fights smart. This is bad news for the peeps at 135

What we knew: Jake Ellenberger was one of 170’s top dark horses

What we learned: Carlos Eduardo Rocha is MUCH stronger than we gave him credit for

What we knew: Ryan Bader was going to have a tough night

What we learned: It is going to take one hell of a warrior to stop Bones… a Shogun, perhaps

What we knew: Forrest Griffin was going to use his size to his advantage

What we learned: Hard to tell. Forrest looked rusty, but won. Take from it what you will. Rich Franklin’s future looks a bit cloudy

What we knew: Anderson Silva was going to beat Vitor Belfort

What we learned: A UFC title fight that took place in 2011 was ended by a move that Steven Seagal inspired

After this terrifying display, we honestly wouldn’t give GSP much hope in this proposed SUPERFIGHT (!).

Bravo, Spider. Bravo.