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(“Stop pummeling me! It’s very painful!”)

After beating Brock Lesnar within an inch of his life this past October, Sir Cain Velasquez was set to defend his newly won title against Junior dos Santos. That was all temporarily put aside when it was discovered that Velasquez had suffered a 90 percent tear of his right rotator cuff; an injury that was sustained at some point of the Lesnar slaughter.

For some reason, JDS took this injury as an insult and went off on Velasquez, insisting that he wouldn’t wait around for the champ. Enter – the UFC and their ad wizards. Somehow or another, their solution was having Junior and former champ, Lesnar battle for the number one contender spot.

Just so happened that Dana & Co. also were having problems finding some TUF coaches. So, as head-scratch inducing as it may be, get ready for The Ultimate Fighter: Lesnar Vs. Dos Santos. Yeah, I know.

It’s quite telling when one is in a situation that necessitates the expression “Michael Bisping was/is a far more qualified coach than,” but Michael Bisping was/is a far more qualified coach than the combined forces of Brock Lesnar and JDS.

Dos Santos’ main strengths are things that can’t be taught. Precise timing and KO power is something you have or you don’t. Also, JDS speaks very limited English (but at least he’s trying, Chael!) and his interpreter doesn’t have the most sterling of reputations.

Brock Lesnar only has the capacity to care for three people: Himself, whoever is paying him, and to a certain extent, Sable. How is he expected to lead on entire team of kids he’s never met? In addition, Brock Lesnar is 5-2 in professional MMA competition. 5-2!!! Somewhere, Jeremy Horn is fuming. Lesnar could be a great coach. With his wrestling technique/positioning and his general will and drive, he could be a great influence on a flock of MMA newbies. The main issue is whether or not he wants to be.

To make the whole situation even more frustrating; word recently broke that Velasquez was already back in the gym and working on physical rehab. Making a early-to-mid summer fight very possible. Brock and Junior are slated to scrap in June…

Honestly, we all know Dana & Co. want Lesnar at top-billing, making him champion would be ideal, for as long as possible. Credibility and Vince McMahon comparisons be damned! They will rush him back to a title shot, whether it makes sense or not.

What may be most important to remember is that this is what JDS wanted. If he gets knocked out of the title picture by Lesnar, it will be because he insisted on not waiting for Cain.

I think all would have been better off if we had Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard coach the next season of TUF and JDS waited until the summer for Velasquez – giving us all the title fight we wanted to see. Then again, I liked Wolverine. What do I know?