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Ultimate Heavyweights: An Anthology of Brock Lesnar

By: J. Alex Mattis

We are living in the era of elite heavyweight fighting in the UFC.

Six years ago, while PRIDE was getting the awesomeness of Fedor, Cro Cop, Minowaman, and Big Nog, the UFC had Tim Sylvia as its undisputed heavyweight ruler; taking out such legends as Cabbage Correira and Gan McGee to claim his throne.

Oh, how the times have changed. The UFC heavyweight stable has gone from its most dreaded to its, arguably, most exciting and deep. The level of talent that the big boys of today bring to the octagon is unlike any seen before in the sports short history.

The peeps over an Anchor Bay, and within the UFC, know this and recently released a feature documenting the division’s growth and the best of its recent history.

UFC ‘Ultimate Heavyweights’ in now available on DVD & Blu-Ray.

The Feature:

Unlike the ‘Ultimate Submissions’ and ‘Ultimate Knockouts’ franchises, this features contains fights in their entirety. Mainly showcased is the modern era (The Brock Era) but we are still treated to the overplayed, yet still great, Frank Mir-Tim Sylvia title fight from UFC 48. And, as if you haven’t seen it before, the manufactures were kind enough to include Cro Cop-Gonzaga from UFC 70.

The feature really starts picking up with the initial meeting of Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar, at UFC 81. From there, we stroll through the past two years in the UFC’s heavyweight history. We hit many predictable stops (Carwin-GabeZog, Duffee-Hague), as well as some unexpected, awesome ones (Nelson-Struve, Cro Cop-Barry).

If you’re a fan of Brock Lesnar, you will be happy as this feature documents his rise through the UFC. JDS, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin get a good amount of play with some of their quick KOs. Frank Mir also gets a decent amount of time but he is brutally, brutally beaten in half of his appearances… So, take that for what you will.

The Bonus Features:

A troff-load of bonus fight are throw in, and those who pick up the Blu-Ray copy will be treated to a whopping 20 extra fights. There is a surprisingly solid selection of heavyweight scraps: Big Nog-Sylvia, Barry-Hardonk, and the bloodbath between Dennis Stojnic and Stefan Struve, among others. A surprising inclusion is the short destruction of Frank Mir by Brandon Vera at UFC 65. I hadn’t seen that fight in years.

And much to my liking, ‘Ultimate Heavyweights’ hosts the return of “From the Vault.” If you read my review of ‘Ultimate Submissions,’ you’ll remember how highly I praised this extra. This trip to the vault is a bit more violent than the prior, but it’s still quite fun. A whole heap of Tank Abbott, Mark Coleman, and Dan Severn for your viewing pleasure.

The Presentation:

The boxart is rather perplexing. The front-cover looks as though the designers thought they were making ‘Ultimate Lesnar’ (the spine and half of the cover are all Brock) and halfway through were reminded it was about an entire division. It was at that point they crudely siphoned Lesnar’s image to the side, tacked on an orange square for no apparent reason, and threw on Junior, Velasquez, and Carwin. Just looks rather jumbled and Cain’s head looks HUGE.

The back-cover lists the featured bouts and displays some cool faded photos of Frank Mir, Carwin, Lesnar, and Randy Couture making the greatest grizzled-old-man-face of all time. The disc features the same art as the front-cover.

As with all UFC DVD’s, the menus are easy to browse in-and-out of and look pretty rad.

Boxart aside, ‘Ultimate Heavyweights’ gets a heavy recommendation for Blu-Ray collectors… and a light-heavy blessing for the DVD.

DVD Details:

-Feature includes 20 full-length bouts
-20 full-length bonus fights (10 on DVD release)
Duration: 224 Minutes (156 for DVD release)
Available on both DVD & Blu-Ray