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THQ, or whoever designs UFC Undisputed 2011, better prepare themselves to be repeatedly bombarded with this question – “Can you do the ‘Showtime Kick’ in the game?!” And if their answer is ‘no,’ they should also prepare themselves for looks of utter disdain, bewilderment, and disgust.

For better or for worse, WEC 53 will be remembered for the 10 seconds in which Anthony Pettis sprung off the cage, threw a flying headkick, dropped Ben Henderson, you jumped out of your seat, ran your hands through your hair and along your face in a Kristen Stewart-like fashion, assured yourself that this was reality, and regained composure.

Anthony Pettis also won the fight and was crowned the NEW *Bruce Buffer voice* WEC lightweight champion. Thus, setting him up for a showdown with the winner of the Edgar-Maynard fight.

Elsewhere on the card:

-Dominick Cruz absolutely outclassed Scotty Jorgensen en route to retaining his title. Cruz had a Roy Jones Jr. look about him; keeping the hands low, slippin’ and movin’ like a mad man. Cruz called out Lil’ Fabbie after the bout. Booya!

-Donald Cerrone shattered our ‘Upset of the Night’ pick with a 2nd round submission over Chris Horodecki, almost pulling out a LeBell Lock in the process.

-Kamal Shalorus gassed out.

The WEC had to end this way. Not only giving us a true ‘Fight of the Year’ candidate, but giving us one of the greatest highlights in MMA history.

It’s a true shame to see the WEC go, but greener pastures await.

For never, ever, ever giving us a boring show. For always delivering amazing fights and finishes. For paying Urijah Faber’s hair product bills… We salute you, WEC.

God bless, we will miss you.

We did. Thank you.