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Well, Georges St. Pierre did exactly what we all expected him to do, he just did it in a completely different way. GSP stood in front of Josh Koscheck for the better part of the five round fight and absolutely dissected the challenger. Showing an incredibly crisp jab and solid combinations.

I’m not sure how much more is left to debate about GSP and his P4P status. After this domination, I shudder to think what GSP is going to do to Jake Shields.

Now, it’s time for another edition of MHH’s ‘What We Learned!’

What we knew: Thiago Alves was at a definitive crossroads in his UFC career.

What we learned: ‘The Pitbull is back!’ *Mike Goldberg voice*

What we knew: Mac Danzig was TUF’s biggest bust.

What we learned: Mac Danzig gets to stick around! (Also, coming out to ‘Astro Zombies’ deserves a huge pop)

What we knew: Charles Oliveira was heading to the moon!

What we learned: Nobody puts a Jim Miller in a corner.

What we knew: Sean McCorkle talked his way to the co-main event.

What we learned: ‘Strech’ Struve can roll with just about anything a fight throws him.

What we knew: We needed to know Who was gon’ run this town, tonight.

What we learned: GSP, that’s who.

As much as we’re going to miss the amazing 124 trailer, it’s relieveing to know Kos won’t have much to talk about anymore.

…and yes. I’m am eating all my words about Joe Daddy destroying Dazing. Way to go, Mac! I guess it’s true what they say: being vegan just makes you better than everyone.