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The Zuffa Zombie Slayer himself, Bloodstain Lane has joined The MMA Happy Hour’s Alex Mattis for this special edition of ‘Shots’ for the K-1 Grand Prix Finals.

Let’s get down to it!

Quarter Finals:

Alistair Overeem Vs. Tyrone Spong

BSL: Size will be the difference here. Ernesto Hoost Protégé, Tyrone Spong is probably the most technical and skilled kickboxer in the tournament but he is giving up a ton of size to a real life monster in Overeem. I like Ubereem winning a decision and even scoring a knockdown or two in the process.

AM: Been reading reports that Spong has put on a decent amount of weight in preparation for this fight, a dangerous thing to do as it make swing him out of his comfort zone. However, anyone who trains with Ernesto Hoost knows their way around a kickboxing bout and Spong should be able to hold his own. Ultimately, though, I see The Reem being too much. I’ve got Reem taking it in the 2nd via TKO.

Gokhan Saki Vs. Daniel Ghita

BSL: Fight of the night right here. Two of the best low kickers and next wave of superstars in the game going toe-to-toe. Saki is the most explosive fighter in the tournament. I like him winning a decision in grueling bloodfest.

AM: Low kicks shall be the name of the game in this affair. These two young bucks will go at it from bell-to-bell, for sure giving the crowd something to remember. My heart is going out to Ghita on this one. Saki is one tough, durable sum’bitch but I’m going with Ghita finishing this one with his famous right leg, sometime in the 3rd.

Semmy Schilt Vs. Kyotaro

BSL: Semmy is the King of K-1. Kyotaro, while technically a brilliant fighter, won’t be able to land his signature straight right on the giant. Semmy wins via 3 knocks downs in the 2nd.

AM: Kyotaro is a very talented kickboxer with an immense amount of skills but he won’t be on the level of Schilt. A spirited effort from Kyotaro will end with a TKO loss. Semmy in round 2.

Peter Aerts Vs. Mighty Mo

BSL: Mo will try to bullrush and put pressure but Aerts will counter with thunderous low and body kicks and will counter strike with straight punches. Aerts wins a 3 round decision

AM: For some ridiculous reason, I have a feeling Mo is going to win this. However, I refuse to take Mr. K-1 out of the tourney this early. Technique vs. rage is what it may come down to, and technique wins that battle more times than not. Aerts beats Mo to every punch en route to a decision win.

Continue for the Semis and Finals…

Semi Finals:

BSL: Overeem Vs. Saki – I originally picked Saki to win,but his war with Ghita will take ALOT out of him. Plus, Reem will have 40-50 pounds on him. Reem wins a tough 3 round decision.

AM: Overeem Vs. Ghita – Ghita will come into this in worse shape than The Reem. Tack on the minor, but significant, size differential and it doesn’t look too good for Sir Daniel. Ghita’s heart will shine as he makes it the distance, dropping the decision to The Reem.

BSL: Semmy Schilt Vs Peter Aerts – Semmy will use his jab and his signature Geri kick to the ribs to put away “The Lumberjack” in the 2nd.

AM: Semmy Schilt Vs. Peter Aerts -It would be ‘Ric Flair winning the World Title at Starrcade ‘93’ levels of epic if Aerts somehow pulled out the win here and made it to the finals. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to overcome the reach. Schilt will dissect Mr. K-1 and finish him in the 3rd.


Alistair Overeem Vs. Semmy Schilt

BSL: Man, it’s really, really hard to pick against Semmy but Reem is really riding a great wave right now. I think Reem will mix up his attack to frustrate Semmy and win a grueling split decision to become the first fighter ever to become an MMA and K-1 Champion.

AM: All the odds point to Schilt to take, yet another, K-1 championship. However, I just have to go with Overeem. He’s the talk of the MMA and kickboxing world as of late and is riding the proverbial ‘wave of momentum.’ Schilt will be in there until the finish but look for Alistair to use his knees and lengthy overhand-right to help him get the decision win.

Well, Lane and The Happy Hour are in agreement of who is takin’ home the strap, we’ve just layed out different routes to the gold.

In any event, I don’t recall this much buzz around a K-1 show in quite some time and we can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Big props to Bloodstain Lane for contributing! If you don’t already, be sure to follow him on Twitter @BloodstainLane. Trust us, you shan’t regret it.

Enjoy the show, y’all!