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Fight fans weren’t just treated to the absolute awesomeness of Strikeforce this past Saturday night, the UFC and boxing world gave fans even more to clamor about.

Over on SPIKE TV the UFC treated us to The Ultimate Fight 12 Finale. The event kicked off with potentially the worst decision of the year.

-Nam Phan completed dominated Leonard Garcia for 15 minutes, yet the judges (who we later found out were Who, What, and I Don’t Know) gave a split decision win to Garcia. No love for an Asian brotha, Nam. No love. Props must go to Phan; dude’s legit and completely took a former World title contender to school.

-Johny Hendricks and Rick Story had the fight most expected them to have, with a slightly different outcome. Can’t deny ‘The Horror,’ dude keeps rackin’ up W’s.

-I’m very glad someone reminded Demian Maia he is not a boxer. Maia did what he needed to do to win. He coasted in the 3rd, which is rather silly to do against a dangerous guy like Grove, but clearly won. Maia is catching a bad break these days. He went from finisher of all to fighting guys that are very difficult to finish, thus catching a serious “boring” label. Chin up, Maia… wait, no… don’t do that. Please! No! Don’t jump in! Fack!

-Somewhere in this land of decisions we were shown a bout from earlier in the evening in which Cody McKenzie defeated Aaron Wilkinson via McKenzietine. That marks ten fights in a row with a 1st round Guillotine win for McKenzie. God bless you, Cody. You silly, silly man.

-Igor Pokrajac did a damn fine job of flying under the radar for the past year, but Stephan Bonnar was still too much too soon for him. Pokrajac showed clear disregard for the rules and the point deduction came a little late, in my opinion. The point-deduction for Bonnar in the last ten seconds was rather ridiculous. C’mon Maz! Good win for Bonnar over a very tough, underrated opponent.

-In the finals of the TUF tourney – the guy whom most picked from Day 1, won. Jonathan Brookins used superior wrestling, grappling, and over-all control to win a decision over Michael Johnson in an entertaining fight. Massive props to Johnson who clearly rose to the occasion, but his skills on the ground just didn’t match Brookins. What Johnson did in the 1st round was show how much work Brookins needs on his stand-up. A drop to 145 for both of these guys would be great. Work on their weaknesses exposed in this fight is a must. Good show, old boys.

In boxing action Saturday night, MHH darling Saul Alvarez dominated Lovemore N’Dou. Alvarez won a very Unanimous Decision and took his undefeated record to 36-0-1. While ‘Canelo’ was unable to finish the ultra-durable N’Dou, he clearly demonstrated superiority.

2010 was Canelo’s year; winning five fights, finishing four them. Now, it’s time for Saul Alvarez to fight the next level of competition. He is boxing’s next big star waiting to happen, but for that to happen he needs to fight boxing’s best.