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The channel changing was reaching a ferocious pace this past Saturday night, but more times than not most of the attention was the on the totally righteous event hosted by Strikeforce.

While the TUF 12 finale was entertaining in its own way (and it surely supplied a lot to talk about), I’m hard pressed to think of a more all-around, recent event as exciting as SF was.

We started the evening with a murderous 1st round by Ovince St. Preux. The ‘official’ of the bout clearly has an immeasurably altered idea of what “intelligent defense” is. Benji Radach clearly wanted out of that fight. Radach would see the final bell, however, but when he did he was greeted with a 30-25 loss. Fack!

In what may be a low-end contender for Fight of the Year, Big Foot Silva provided a tremendous comeback TKO over Mike Kyle. Kyle dropped Silva in the 1st with a punch that looked/sounded like it came all the way from Waukegan, Illinois. Kyle Carwin’d himself and allowed Silva to take over in the 2nd; applying a slick Anaconda Choke and pounding out a finish with his enormous soup-bones. Fun stuff.

Any question left that Matt Lindland needs to retire immediately? I hope not. I didn’t think the actual fight would be able to top the incredible beard Lawler was sporting, but I was wrong… very, very wrong.

Paul Daley landed the Left Hook of Death on Saturday night, and the best part is he did it during the fight. Scott Smith was unbelievably naive to stand and exchange with Semtex. That being said, Smith is known to have quite the chin so the fact that he was KTFO’d shows the raw, unadulterated power that Paul Daley has. Dammit, Paul! That could have been you going in to Montreal this Saturday night!

Capping off the already memorable evening was the rematch between Danny Henderson and Babalu Sobral. Hendo showed, once again, that he isn’t going anywhere as he pounded Babalu into purgatory early in the 1st, forcing Mauro Ranallo to scream in some sort of language that only people on Naboo could understand. What Danny also displayed, at least on looks, is that he is much more comfortable at 205.

This was a great end to a fantastic event for Strikeforce. Continue to check out the highlight reel of the event… you know you want/need to.