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The heart, she is still shaken up. Being a true Machida trouser-clinger, Saturday night was hard to take. We at the Happy Hour adore us some Rampage, so not all was lost. Also, Jackson coming out to the PRIDE theme supplied one of the bigger mark out moments of the year.

Rather than discussing how Machida was robbed,which we could do, we’ll jump right into the oh’ so fun MMA Happy Hour ‘What We Learned’ Game!

What we knew: George Sotiropoulos has the tools to be a contender.

What we learned: George Sotriopoulos needs a title contention fight; Dennis Siver will do just fine.

What we knew: Ain’t no stoppin’ Phil Davis, no.

What we learned: Phil Davis now has a submission named after him!!

What we knew: Unknown guys on the main card are always the most dangerous.

What we learned: As long as Maiquel Falcao doesn’t know he’s winning the fight, dude is murderous.

What we knew: BJ Penn needed a win… a huge, impressive win.

What we learned: …Welcome back, Prodigy.

What we knew: Lyoto Machida is beatable.

What we learned: The Machida aura is gone & Rampage has a great deal left to give the light heavyweight division.

It will be very interesting to see where the four headliners go from here.

Lastly, big thanks to fellow MMA smark DOWNolaII for submitting the follow.

Quinton, how did you feel about the fight?