Saul Alvarez is exactly what boxing needs right now. They have Pacquiao, but his career may be reaching its end. They have Mayweather, but shuckin’ & duckin’ seems to be the sport he prefers practicing.

Boxing, and combat sports in general, is rich with a history of marketing youth and ethnicity; this 20 year-old Mexican has both. More importantly for marketing, Alvarez is finishin’ fools left and right. Alvarez has stopped 26 of the 35 of the poor dudes that have stepped in the ring with this whirlwind.

This will be the fifth fight for Alvarez in 2010, the prior four included a nasty stoppage over Jose Cotto and KTFO’n Carlos Baldomir back in September.

Get ready to see a lot more of this kid. His opponent on the 4th, Lovemore N’dou, best be gettin’ that chin in check!