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Once again, Manny Pacquiao will make his way to Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas this Saturday night. He will step in-front of an expected 50,000+ crowd and attempt to further solidify his status as the best in the world. And once again, the Filipino hero and icon will square-off with someone who doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him.

Pacquiao’s last opponent, Joshua Clottey, was simply outclassed. PacMan’s opponent on November 13th, Antonio Margarito, should not be permitted to professionally box.

Margarito hasn’t fought in the United States since January 24, 2009 in LA when he was caught with plaster covering the wraps under his gloves. Despite Margarito’s attempted use of the stinger, he was still beaten within an inch of his life by Shane Mosley.

The gloves controversy sent the boxing media into a frenzy of questioning Margarito’s previous wins, specifically his victory over Miguel Cotto.

Margarito was suspended for a year but came back with the “Oh, I didn’t know” routine, fought in Mexico and now has somehow been granted permission to fight in Texas.

The danger that Margarito, and his corner, put Shane Mosley (and who knows who else) in is inexcusable and has not been properly punished. What Margarito did in 2009 was just as dangerous as what Luis Resto did to Billy Collins Jr. in 1983, if not more, and Resto was punished with over two years in prison… PRISON!!! Resto was never allowed to box again, either.

The fact that this fight is permissible really shows the current tone of the boxing industry.If Margarito somehow wins, it could be the worst thing to happen to boxing in some time.

The event is going to draw an assload of people and bring in some green-backs, but the possible consequences could really damage the sport’s business in the future. If Manny Pacquiao wins – he was suppose to and everyone can go back to bitchin’ about Mayweather shuckin’ & duckin’. If Margarito wins – the best boxer of this generation was beaten by a guy who shouldn’t have even been granted a license to compete.

The whole event has a bad feel about it, which is a real shame as Manny Pacquaio is truly the best boxer in the world. For PacMan, this fight will do nothing positive for his legacy… it may just damage it.

Say what you will about Mayweather… he’s smart enough to stay away from a fight like this.