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After Melvin Guillard decided not to deliver the fight promised, Jeremy Stephens was left still wanting. Now, it appears Mr. Stephens will be getting what he has so dearly wanted for quite some time. “Lil’ Heathen” will be the man to greet/wing bo’los at Marcus “The Irish-American Hand Grenade” Davis in his UFC lightweight debut.

Stephens is coming off one of the most disappointing fights, and worst decisions, of the year. After months and months of smack-talk, Melvin Gulliard put on his Kalib Starnes shoes as soon as he ate one punch from Jeremy Stephens. This is a perfect fight for Stephens to get back to where he should currently be.

Davis had stated recently that he would be moving down in weight and is wasting no time jumping into the fire. After a rough trip to the 209 back in August,  Davis is in desperate need of an impressive win.

It’s going to be a hell of a weight-cut for Davis, but this could be what his career needs right now. A win over Stephens would be a very impressive debut at 155.

UFC 125 continues to reach new levels of amazitude. Two title fights, four guanteed barn-burners, Guida-Gomi, the 209 and the BEST EVAH?!?!? Sweet Sassy Molassy, New Years Day is gonna’ be poppin’!

*Photo Cred – UFC.com