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Seems like things are getting repetitive here but, once again, Jon Fitch will not be getting a welterweight title shot. Leading into the Thiago Alves fight at UFC 117 it was repeatedly stated that the winner would be getting a crack at the welterweight crown. Jon Fitch totally dominated Thiago Alves, and earned himself… a fight with a non-Top 10 welterweight, Jake Ellenberger.

Basically, what this means is, Fitch just wants to stay active and kill time until GSP completely clears out the divison.

Sketchy booking aside, this has potential to be a great fight.

Now, I may have been born but I was not born yesterday – it seems Dana & Co. have some trepidations about giving Jon anotha’ crack at the gold. Whether it’s the dislike of Fitch going to Fitchision in his last eight fights or they don’t want to risk Fitch suffering another ricockulous beating, they don’t wanna’ do it!

The UFC is getting really comfy under Shields’ wet blanket and have somehow convinced themselves that Jake Shields would give GSP/Koscheck an exciting/competitive fight, so that’s the current direction 170 is going.

It’s hard to argue that Fitch doesn’t deserve a second shot, but for whatever reason it’s not happening. Making the situation even more difficult – if Koscheck would somehow beat GSP, Fitch would withdraw himself from title contention.

Props to Jonny Fitch for just rollin’ with the tide and incessantly puttin’ stamps on the kids the UFC lines up for him.