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In what could result in the possibility of being able to use the line “Hey, don’t let anyone ever tell you Roy Nelson didn’t fight Brock Lesnar on Pay-Per-View,” it looks like Sir Lesnar is gunnin’ for “Big Country.”

The Wrestling Observer Online reported that Lesnar has asked to fight Roy, but Dana & Co. are still pushing for a Lesnar-Mir III. Does anyone see a purpose for a rubber match with Brock and Frank?! We’d just end up with Mir-face everywhere all over again!


A Brock Lesnar Vs. Roy Nelson match would just be a fun fight in every sense. The happy-go-lucky fat dude that you’d see on a Saturday afternoon at WalMart talking to his wife on the phone, making sure they’re good on pickles VS. A very unpleasant, Goliath-like monster – Grendel.

This fight seems like a long-shot at best, but one we’d love. Just think of the poster, it’d look like the next big buddy comedy… or a remake of “The Blind Side.”

*Photo cred UFC.com