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The Hunt for Red Brocktober came to a head in Anaheim on Saturday night and the result was a bloody, awesome spectacle. An absolutely electric atmosphere surround the octagon as Brock Lesnar charged at Cain Velasquez at the sound of the bell.

Four minutes later a new UFC Heavyweight champion was crowned. What that four minutes contained was one hell of a beating and a frighteningly fantastic performance. Brock Lesnar was suppose to be this indomitable champion that was going to rule the heavyweight division for years to come… and Cain Velasquez ran right through him. It was amazing fight to watch and soak in. Speaking of amazing – Cain’s first challenge is JDS!!! That’s a miss-your-mother’s-birthday kind of fight!

As for the rest of the card… mostly what we expected? I think so.

Jake Shields wet-blanked his way to a close decision victory. Kampmann could have stolen that fight if he had turned up the volume, but he seemed very gun-shy.

Diego Sanchez and Paulo Thiago had a fantastic fight that proved my “Diego can’t hang at 170” theory wrong, very wrong.

Hamill and Schaub lived up to their promises and scored the biggest win of their respective careers.

So to recap the main card let’s play the 1st edition of “The MMA Happy Hour What We Learned Game!”

What we knew: GabeZog is a can-crushing, gatekeeper

What we learned: B-Schaub could be a threat

What we knew: Tito Ortiz is kind of a douche

What we learned: Tito Ortiz is kind of irrelevant (Still loved the entrance, Tito)

What we knew: Diego Sanchez needed a big win

What we learned: “Diego Sanchez is back!” *Mike Goldberg voice*

What we knew: Jake Shields was as compelling as Art Garfunkel

What we learned: Jake Shields has no chance against GSP

What we knew: Cain Velasquez was a badass

What we learned: Cain Velasquez is a BADASS

Finally, some random thoughts on the prelims:

-Patrick Cote looked awful, and being such a huge fan of his it pained me to see. He looked very bad at the weigh-ins, very drawn. The weigh-ins was just the precursor to a very bad weekend for “The Predator.” Props to “Flithy” Tom for picking up a much needed win.

-Court McGee may be better than initially thought. Very intrigued to see what fight lay ahead for him.

-Daniel Roberts came to Cali to keep things real… and that’s exactly what he did.

-Gilbert Yvel: Coming to a Strikeforce card near you!

*Photo courtesy of UFC.com